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My name is Alison. I am a Gamilaaray woman and mother of 4 wonderful children.

My journey started when I became a mother for the first time in 2013. I had a hospital induction vaginal birth. It was a somewhat ok experience. My daughter's birth began my journey to become a fully informed mother and birth advocate. In 2020, I had my son. The system let me down. My pregnancy complications were dismissed, resulting in a 53cm DVT, 1.4lt haemorrhage, birth trauma, breastfeeding complications, PND, and PTSD with no apology from anyone. This changed my life—forever!

In 2021, I got pregnant with my twin boys. I had a wild pregnancy and an unassisted free birth at 34+1. I knew the system had failed me before, and it would fail me again. I had to take full responsibility for my own body, birth and babies. Around 20-24 weeks, I realised I was pregnant with twins without any ultrasounds. I knew it was time to have faith in Jesus and find support from the wise women in my life.

For most of the year in 2022, I travelled around Australia as a travelling Doula and Birth Photographer. My family of 7 decided to take on this journey because we all believe women can make informed choices. Mothers deserve to be supported and not risked out of care when making those choices, even if they go against the grain. We deserve respect and support.

I have available spots open in Brisbane and surrounding in October and November 2022. I also have spots available in December 2022 for mothers in the Southern NSW and Northern VIC areas. Please send me an email to discuss.

I am mother-led while I provide you and your partner with care, understanding, information and support before, during and after birth. Support can be either a mix of online or in-person. Like each woman and birth, my packages can be unique. 'Create your package' gives flexibility, and each client can have a package suited to their birthing journey. Our initial meeting will help us work together to tailor a package to fit your needs.

My role as a Doula & Birth Photographer is to provide women with access to birth support and irreplaceable memories through photography, who usually would not have access due to location, funds, time, and personal choices.

Please send me an inquiry if you are outside of the SEQ area and need support.

Travelling has started.


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Birth is a wonderful life changing event, and with my nurturing support, you will learn to be comfortable with the idea of giving birth. We will work on any questions you have around birth for you and your birth team. As your Doula, you can count on me to make sure you feel confident within yourself throughout your entire pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey.

All bookings outside of Brisbane, QLD come with a one-off Travel Fee.

The Travel Fee is based on accessibility, location and other circumstances. We can discuss this at your first consult. I believe woman deserve access to birth support so my family and I are travelling in a self-sustaining bus to help off-set costs. 

Travel fee starts from $600.*

*Price can vary. If booking for the Brisbane area there is no travel fee.

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As a travelling Doula, I am able to provide online pregnancy support consults until 38 weeks. After 38 weeks I will travel to you to provide on call and in-person support for the remaining weeks of your pregnancy, birth and one in-person postpartum visit.



In-person Doula support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum combined with Birth Photography.

After two weeks of living on bourbon and donuts (okay, fine. Two and a half.) I decided it was time


As a Doula though your postpartum journey, I support you and your family in the delicate time after your baby is born. Support can include birth debrief, healthy and nutritious meals, childminding, night visits, general housework and most importantly, emotional and mental support for you as you adjust to life with a new family member.

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Through storytelling imagery, I will honour your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey. Packages include maternity, birth and fresh 48.

Image by Ale Romo Photography


Enjoy beauty therapy treatments during pregnancy and postpartum in the comfort of your own home. A loving and thoughtful way to nurture, relax and de-stress your rapidly changing body.


Image @andieandolliephotography


A sentimental and lasting keepsake from the last weeks of your pregnancy while celebrating the amazing shape of your bump in the comfort of your own home.



Clear on what you need during pregnancy, birth and/or postpartum? Fantastic! Please contact me to 'create your package' that suits you and your birthing journey. 

*Discounts apply when purchasing multiple packages and/or services together. 

Image by Christin Hume


This is for online support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 
Online support can be for pregnancy only, birth only, postpartum only or a mixture of the three.

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