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My name is Alison. Originally from Campbelltown, NSW. I am a Gamilaraay woman, wife and mother of 4 children. My family and I live in Brisbane, QLD. We are living in our home-on-wheels from May 2022. I have been on a long journey to understand pregnancy, birth and motherhood and that journey has led me to be a Doula and Birth Photographer. 

In 2013, I had my first daughter, Aurora, in hospital. It was an induction for a "big" baby. Aurora was 4kg at birth. Healthy and beautiful. I had planned for a home birth with my 2nd child, Ezra. But after a suspected DVT and a long-haul flight from the USA at 37 weeks, I was quickly diagnosed with a 53cm blood clot in my left leg. I was induced at 39 weeks and birthed Ezra in hospital. Ezra was 3.9kg at birth. Healthy and handsome. After a lot of healing, counselling and research, I was adamant that birthing my next baby would be at home, and I would put it in Jesus' hands to guide myself and my husband along the way. I had chosen my care and what services I needed from the beginning. I did not have any ultrasounds during my pregnancy. I had a wonderful free birth at home, where I birthed my twin boys at 34 weeks. Zoel was 2.6kg, and Zion was 3kg. Both healthy and handsome. They both needed minimal breathing assistance, and as a capable and educated mother, I chose to transfer them shortly after birth. You can listen to my full birthing story on my podcast, The Birthing Blueprint.

I have continued to be inspired by the strength of women and the miracle of birth. This is why I am becoming a travelling Doula in May 2022 and am proud to serve women and their families throughout Australia.

Image by Ella Jardim


As a travelling Doula, I am honoured to share my knowledge and skills with different women and families around Australia.
While I do not provide medical care, I approach birth holistically while standing in the power that a birthing mother knows best about her body and her baby. As well as physical support during labour, my role is also to support emotionally, spiritually, educationally and mentally for the birthing woman and her birth team.
Being a travelling Doula allows me flexibility with consults without the hassle of each client travelling long distances at every appointment. I provide online consults throughout the pregnancy until 38 weeks. After that, I can come close by and provide in-person support before, during and after the birth. I live in my self-contained travelling home with my husband, daughter, three sons, and mum. My ability to travel means I can support women all over the country. I can support women in most metro, rural and remote areas. 
Like each woman and birth, my packages are unique to you and your needs. Mixing 'n' matching the package options gives you the ability to tailor-make your package.  

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